Dr. Manish Joshi, provides the best in class treatment for several diseases and medical conditions. He addresses diseases of several domains and cures them mostly with the help of advanced and state of the art surgical approach.
Thousands of patients from all over the India and abroad are thankful for his treatment and now are leading a healthy life.

Have a glance at the various domains that Dr. Joshi acknowledges-

Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery, also known as the keyhole surgery employs the usage of thin instrument inside the body to mitigate the need of making a large incision. It is the state of the art technique in the world of surgery.

Gallstone Surgery

The gallbladder is a small organ situated on the right side of the abdomen that helps in digestion. Gallstones are the most common disorder of the Gallbladder. It is formed by concentration of cholesterol in the body.

Bariatric Surgery

One in every five Indian is either obese or overweight, this puts India exposed to a very serious threat. Thankfully, with the help of Bariatric Surgery or weight reduction surgery, it is possible to cure it permanently.

Hernia Surgery

The hernia is the medical condition, in which a portion of an internal organ, fat or tissue bulges out of the outer layer of skin. There are several types of the same.

Gastrointestinal surgery

Gastrointestinal cancer or more commonly known as the GI cancer are complicated medical condition that claims more lives as compared to any other form of cancers.

Liver Surgery

The liver plans a crucial role in keeping the body healthy by aiding several bodily mechanisms. One of the most important functions is to release bile for digestion.

Pancreatic Cancer Surgery

Pancreas is the gland that can easily be damaged, that is why, a pancreatic surgery is usually not employed if any alternate means can be helpful. However, it becomes inevitable in case of pancreatic cancer.

Colorectal Surgery

Under the domain of colorectal surgery, diseases and medical conditions such as anal fissures, anal fistula, fecal inconsistence, inflammation of rectal skin, called the hemorrhoids.

Anorectal Surgery

The anorectal surgery deals with addressing and improving medical conditions that involve mainly rectum and anus. It also fixes complicated diseases such as rectal prolapse.